Here’s a bit of me


I spent my whole childhood drawing. Everybody told me art was a hobby but I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind: I wanted to become an artist. I still keep somewhere in my home all my sketchbooks, full of drawings, illustrations and dreams. I was one of those kids who would rather be reading, writing or drawing than playing soccer with the other kids.
My teenage years came, and with them also came music. I started a garage band with my friends and we performed –obviously- in garages, packed with kids like us and beer. From time to time we would perform in small bars and repeatedly imagined we would become rock stars. That’s when I became a huge fan of parties and celebrations. I loved to create moments of craziness and laughter, and music was the perfect ingredient for that. Soon I became pretty aware that I needed to express myself.
But the idea that art was a hobby was stuck in my head since I was a child, and I was convinced that I would never make a living out of it. So I decided to go to college and get my degree in Industrial Engineering, because with a college degree you are definitely on the road to success, right? (wink).
Half way to getting my degree, I received the opportunity to go on a student trip to Southeast Asia. Before I hopped into the plane, my dad said good-bye and lent me a camera. I still remember it clearly: it was a Point and Shoot Coolpix. I also remember what he told me: “instead of bringing me drawings, bring me some pictures”.
That camera triggered something beautiful in me. Away from my hometown and my loving family, I understood that reading, drawing, music and everything I loved were a platform to understand who I was, to my essence and that I should express it through photography. I found out I have an enormous passion for people, cultures, colors and architecture.

Once I got my degree I got a job in a cookie factory. I worked there for seven years, without neglecting my passion for photography. And one day, walking between the production lines of cookies, I found the love of my life. I know it sounds like a cheese chick flick but it is true. I married that girl and on my wedding day I finally understood why a wedding photographer is so important.
I knew I wanted to remember that day in my memory forever, but I was also aware that my memory would not be enough to save every detail, the guests’ faces and the special moments between Adriana and I, surrounded by family and friends in one of the most important days of our lives. The still images would help me go back to that moment whenever I needed to do so or whenever I wanted to share the magic of that day with anyone. To be able to revive the look on her face or mine was pure magic. I have always believed that photographs are a complementing tool for our memory, the aromas and the heart itself. In the end the only things left  after the party are a wonderful spouse and in my case, the photographs!
Soon I got more and more interested in this beautiful art and started to relate with more people involved in it. Lovely and professional human beings that taught me what they knew and added so much insight to my life.
A year and a half later my daughter Elena was born and that same year (oh, the irony!) the cookie business let me go. Just when I felt as if the whole world had fallen over my shoulders, I received a message from my dad, telling me: “Son, don’t you think it’s just about time you start doing what you love the most?” I never knew if he sent that text message just to make me feel better or if he said it from the heart. And I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. I will always be thankful for it, because I heard him and without giving it too much thought, I decided to become a full-time wedding photographer.
I have been a wedding photographer in a professional way for more than 5 years now. Alex, my second child was born and he came to complete the most fantastic  family I could ever dream of. Obviously, they are the most photographed children in the planet.
Every wedding represents a chance to experiment, trying in every shoot to find my voice, which will mean at the same time, finding it as a human being. Every wedding gets me closer to my true essence.
I still draw and still play music, trying to find every day a better version of me, trusting always that God and life itself will guide me through the right path.
In every wedding or session I capture tiny daily miracles that turn into extraordinary memories that you will be able to take with you wherever you go. And even when I work solo, it’s a great honor for me to be a silent witness, ready to reflect forever some of the most wonderful days of your lives.
I will be happy to meet you and become part of your lives, even if it is for a small fraction of time, doing what I love most in the world: taking pictures.